Awhitu District School



Term 1 & 2 @ Awhitu School

Junior School 'Exploration'  Tidy Kiwis 'FINDIT' around the perimeter of our School.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Early in Term 1 our junior students and class teacher went around the perimeter of our school collecting 'Litter' e.g. plastic wrappers,  cans, plastic lemonade bottles and they were very surprised with the variety of their 'FIND'.  They discussed with each other how much they had found.  If everyone put their rubbish in the school bin, it would keep our school environment clean and tidy.  Please keep our school free from LITTER,  join us and become a TIDY KIWI.

 Junior School Shared Lunch

Finishing the End of a School Term with a shared lunch!

Junior School Writing